A few things about the blogger.

I’m opinionated. I’m verbose. I’m blunt. I’m assertive, not aggressive. I like my space — no, I need my space. I follow my heart 30% of the time and my head 70%. I can be callous, dismissive, and judgmental. I uphold rigid political beliefs (socially liberal, fiscally conservative - aka Libertarian). As I get older, I find myself reaching for logic and reason more so than reaching for emotional profundity or philosophical depths. Sometimes, I’m too trusting. I can be a pretentious, preachy, self-righteous asshole (to those I’m not particularly fond of). I can be anal about organization. I have very low tolerance for ignorant people as well as the weak. I can be vulgar. I am insatiable in some aspects. I am a work-nazi; you would never want me to be your boss, ever. It’s not so much that I’m mean — I’m just big on work ethics. I don’t have a problem cutting you off mid-argument if I feel your points don’t sufficiently cover at least the basic structure of what a good argument should uphold. I’m not very good at keeping in touch, but I try. I blindly extend myself to those undeserving. 

More to come.